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Why Do You Need Sweeping?

The trash, bottles, cans and worse that get deposited in a parking lot are the obvious reasons. But what you may not also include in this need is what you do not notice. Everyday from many different sources dirt, sand, other fine particles arrive on your parking lot surface. This is where the dirt in your store comes from. It is why you spend money having the floors inside  cleaned. It is why your floor coverings: tile, carpet, and so on, wear out and have to be replaced. Routine parking lot sweeping removes this dirt. This is cleaning you can not get by just having someone pick up the trash, even blowing off the parking lot does not remove the dirt it just moves it around.

We call it sweeping, but we actually use high velocity air to scour the surface and then carry the dirt along with the trash into a hopper for collection and removal from your site. Even with the number of years I have spent sweeping I am still amazed at how much dirt we remove from a parking lot the looks clean. You only get that from frequent routine "sweeping".

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